In today's highly competitive world of basketball, every player wants to stay ahead of the game – both on and off the court. With that, the search for the perfect pair of basketball shoes becomes crucial. Enter the Under Armour HOVR Havoc 4 Clone – a shoe designed to provide the ultimate support, comfort, and performance. In this in-depth review, we break down everything you need to know about this highly sought-after footwear, guiding you to make an informed decision before you hit the court.

The Tip Off

The Under Armour HOVR Havoc 4 Clone is the ideal choice for players who demand exceptional comfort, support, and traction in a lightweight package. Whether you're a guard who relies on speed and agility or a power forward who needs a stable base for aggressive play, this shoe has got you covered.


It's crucial to get the right size when buying basketball shoes, as it directly impacts performance and comfort. The Under Armour HOVR Havoc 4 Clone runs true to size, with enough room for a snug fit without feeling too tight. Players with wider feet may want to go up half a size for added comfort. We recommend trying them on at a store or referring to Under Armour's sizing chart to ensure the perfect fit.


The width of the HOVR Havoc 4 Clone caters to players with regular and slightly wider feet. The shoe is designed with an adaptable upper, which conforms to your foot shape, providing a supportive and locked-down feel. Players with exceptionally wide feet should consider going up half a size or exploring other options in Under Armour's line-up.


Exceptional traction is a must-have in a performance basketball shoe, and the HOVR Havoc 4 Clone delivers on this front. The shoe features a herringbone traction pattern, which offers excellent grip on a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The deep grooves in the outsole ensure a long-lasting grip, so you can stay confident in your movements throughout the game.


The centerpiece of the HOVR Havoc 4 Clone's cushioning system is the UA HOVR foam, which provides an unmatched level of comfort and responsiveness. This is paired with an EVA sockliner that offers added arch support and overall cushioning. Additionally, the shoe features an external heel counter and TPU shank, further enhancing stability and support, while reducing the impact on your joints.


Under Armour's expertise in material technology is evident in the HOVR Havoc 4 Clone. The shoe's upper is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh that ensures your feet stay cool and comfortable during intense play. The toe cap is reinforced with durable synthetic leather, providing additional protection and durability.


For players seeking maximum support, the HOVR Havoc 4 Clone delivers with its external heel counter and TPU shank. These features work together to provide excellent lateral support, preventing ankle roll and other potential injuries. The mid-top design also offers additional ankle support without limiting your mobility on the court.


The fit of the HOVR Havoc 4 Clone is tailored to provide a snug, secure feel while maintaining flexibility and breathability. The stretchable mesh upper adapts to your foot shape, while the traditional lacing system ensures a customized and secure fit. The padded collar and tongue add extra comfort, creating a shoe that feels like an extension of your foot.

Outdoor Performance

The Under Armour HOVR Havoc 4 Clone holds its own as an outdoor basketball shoe. The herringbone traction pattern maintains grip on a variety of surfaces, while the durable materials and reinforced toe cap ensure the shoe's longevity. However, keep in mind that playing outdoors will naturally cause more wear and tear compared to indoor courts, so it's essential to take proper care of your shoes to prolong their life.

After reading our comprehensive review of the Under Armour HOVR Havoc 4 Clone, it's clear that this shoe is a top contender in the world of basketball footwear. With exceptional comfort, traction, and support, this shoe is perfect for players at any level seeking to elevate their game. Don't forget to share this article with fellow basketball enthusiasts, and explore other guides on Triple Threat Tactics for all your basketball needs.