Triple Threat Tactics 1-on-1 & Group Basketball Coaching

Perfecting the craft and unleashing the full potential of any player.

At Triple Threat Tactics, we believe that every basketball player is unique and possesses untapped talent. Our mission is to hone this talent while utilising game based scenarios to transform it into match-winning performances. With our 1-on-1 and group basketball coaching services, we offer a comprehensive training experience, meticulously tailored to individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.

What sets us apart is our coaching prowess, built on a solid foundation of basketball expertise. Our Head Coach brings years of professional and international level of coaching to your court, boasting a track record of creating successful athletes. But what really gives us the edge? Our obsession with the nuances of the game. We delve into the minutiae, the tiny elements that when enhanced, can elevate a player's performance 10x on the court.

For parents, rest assured that our approach is designed to foster growth, discipline, and a love for the sport. We understand your desire to see your child excel and we're committed to nurturing their basketball journey with personal attention and care.

For players, prepare to unlock your true potential. Whether you're looking to polish your existing skills or aiming for a professional career, our training programs offer a unique blend of physical conditioning, strategic understanding, and mental preparation. We'll help you improve your game awareness, ball handling agility, shooting precision, and much more.

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Triple Threat Tactics School Basketball Coaching & Curriculum

Elevate your school's basketball program with our expert coaching and comprehensive curriculums, designed to cultivate young athletes.

At Triple Threat Tactics, we understand the crucial role of school sports in shaping future champions and upstanding young men & women. Our School Basketball Coaching services are geared towards developing a solid foundation in social skills, emotional skills and basketball skills, while infusing a deep-seated love for the sport.

Our seasoned coaches, equipped with international experience and an eye for detail, offer personalized attention to every student, honing individual skills and promoting team spirit. But it's not just about shooting hoops; our holistic approach also focuses on developing leadership, resilience, and strategic thinking in each player.

Our Basketball Curriculums are meticulously crafted, blending theory and practice. They encompass everything from basic dribbling techniques to advanced game strategies. We stay abreast of global training standards, constantly updating our curriculum to reflect the best in basketball education.

Join forces with Triple Threat Tactics – where passion meets expertise, and dreams meet achievement.

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Meet Our Head Coach, Coach Alex

A revered name in basketball coaching circles, Coach Alex DuCasse brings unmatched expertise and passion to Triple Threat Tactics.

Alex has held prestigious positions such as Head Coach of London Regional Team part of the Aspire program, Head of Strength and Conditioning for Basketball England's under 14s and 15s, and assistant coach of England's Under 18s team. Those roles have enabled him to profoundly impact young talent, honing strength and skill sets to enhance their game.

As the ex England National Team Assistant Coach (under 18s), and Head Coach of renowned National League Club Teams, Alex has excelled in nurturing athletes to reach their highest potential. His coaching philosophy marries discipline and strategy with an emphasis on individual player development.

With Coach Alex, you'll be learning from an expert who understands the game from the ground up, and knows just how to inspire players to break boundaries and redefine their limits. Join Triple Threat Tactics, and experience coaching at its finest with Coach Alex.

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