When it comes to making a statement on the basketball court, one brand that has caught the attention of players and sneakerheads alike is Puma. With their recent release of the Puma RS Dreamer, both fans of the sport and fashion enthusiasts are excited to know what this shoe can offer. In this review, we will dive into every aspect of the Puma RS Dreamer and find out if it lives up to the hype.

The Tip Off

For basketball players looking for a stylish shoe with great traction and cushioning, the Puma RS Dreamer is a standout choice. Ideal for guards and forwards with quick moves on the court, this shoe offers solid performance while turning heads with its fresh design.


The Puma RS Dreamer tends to run true to size. However, it is recommended to go up half a size for those with wider feet. Make sure to try the shoes on in-store if possible to ensure the best fit for your feet.


The width of the Puma RS Dreamer caters to players with regular or slightly wide feet. Players with extremely wide feet might experience some discomfort, especially during the break-in period. Be sure to get your size right for optimal comfort and performance.


The outsole of the Puma RS Dreamer features a multi-directional pattern that provides excellent grip on the court. Using high-quality rubber, the shoe offers reliable traction that can handle quick changes in direction and lateral movements. However, dust can accumulate on the outsoles, so make sure to wipe them regularly for the best performance.


The cushioning system in the Puma RS Dreamer utilizes Puma’s ProFoam midsole. This setup offers a responsive and comfortable feel underfoot without sacrificing court feel or responsiveness. Players who value impact protection and comfort will appreciate the cushioning that this shoe provides.


Constructed with a combination of mesh and textile materials, the Puma RS Dreamer provides a lightweight and breathable feel. The use of high-quality synthetic overlays contributes to the overall durability and support of the shoe. Although not as premium as some competitors, the materials used in the RS Dreamer get the job done efficiently.


Support is essential in any basketball shoe, and the Puma RS Dreamer does not disappoint. With a mid-cut design and TPU heel piece, the shoe offers adequate ankle support for most players. Coupled with a snug fit, the shoe provides sufficient lockdown to keep your feet stable during play.


The Puma RS Dreamer offers a snug fit, ensuring security and a one-to-one feel during play. The lacing system allows for adjustment to achieve your desired level of tightness. The shoe's overall fit ensures maximum stability and reduces the risk of slippage or discomfort during intense gameplay.

Outdoor Performance

The Puma RS Dreamer performs well on outdoor courts due to its durable rubber outsole. The traction pattern holds up well on different surfaces, including concrete and asphalt. While not explicitly designed for outdoor use, the shoe's overall construction ensures it can handle varying court conditions, making it a versatile option for players who often play outdoors.

Now that you know what the Puma RS Dreamer has to offer, are you ready to elevate your game and make a statement on the court? If this shoe checks all the boxes for you, go ahead and give it a try. Remember to share this article with fellow basketball enthusiasts and explore other informative guides on Triple Threat Tactics to take your game to the next level!