Discover the performance capabilities of Puma's newest basketball shoe entry, the Puma Rise NITRO. In this article, we dive deep into the features that make this shoe a must-consider for a wide range of basketball players - be it a seasoned pro or a rookie just starting out. Strap in and get ready for a detailed review of the Puma Rise NITRO from Triple Threat Tactics.

The Tip Off

The Puma Rise NITRO is perfect for basketball players who prioritize speed, agility, and responsive cushioning. Designed for versatile individuals capable of filling multiple roles on the court, this shoe will meet your expectations and elevate your performance.


When it comes to sizing, the Puma Rise NITRO has a standard fit. It runs true to size for most players, but it's always recommended to try on the shoe before making a purchase. Players with narrow or regular feet should have no issues with the sizing, while players with wider feet may need to go up half a size for optimal comfort and fit.


The Puma Rise NITRO is built to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes. However, the shoe may feel a little snug in the midfoot area for those with wide feet. If you have wider feet, consider trying these shoes on first to get the right width or ordering half a size larger than your usual size to ensure optimal comfort and performance.


The Puma Rise NITRO features a full-length rubber outsole with multidirectional herringbone-patterned grooves for excellent grip. The traction is consistent on a variety of court surfaces, providing solid footing and quick changes of direction during gameplay. Dust on the court may require occasional wiping, but overall, this shoe offers reliable and effective traction.


Puma Rise NITRO incorporates their high-performance NITRO foam cushioning, providing explosive responsiveness and energy return, while also offering impact protection and comfort. This lightweight cushioning system enables players to experience a soft and comfortable landing, adding more spring to their steps during high-intensity games.


The upper of the Puma Rise NITRO features a breathable engineered mesh with synthetic overlays, delivering both durability and excellent support. The material conforms to the shape of your foot, making the shoe feel comfortable and secure during dynamic movements. Vents in the mesh material also ensure good airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry during games.


The shoe offers impressive support, thanks in part to its wide base and heel counter. The sturdy base ensures stability during lateral movements and quick cuts, while the heel counter locks in the foot, preventing any slips or unwanted movement. Additionally, Puma's lacing system provides a customizable and snug fit, further enhancing support and stability.


The overall fit of the Puma Rise NITRO is secure and snug, ensuring your foot remains in place without feeling too tight or constricting. The heel counter and padded collar hold your foot in position and prevent heel slippage, allowing athletes to make quick cuts and swift movements without worry.

Outdoor Performance

The Puma Rise NITRO performs well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Its durable rubber outsole, combined with its dependable cushioning system, makes it a suitable option for athletes who prefer to play on outdoor courts. However, like in most basketball shoes, prolonged outdoor use may contribute to a faster wearing of the traction pattern.

Now that you've got the lowdown on the Puma Rise NITRO, it's time to decide if it's the right shoe for you. Whether you're an all-around player looking for a responsive and versatile shoe or simply searching for something that's both stylish and functional, the Puma Rise NITRO could be an excellent pick. Be sure to share this in-depth review with your fellow hoopers and explore our other detailed guides on Triple Threat Tactics to level up your game.