Get ready to take your game to the next level with the exciting and dynamic Nike Kyrie Flytrap basketball shoe! Designed with performance, comfort, and style in mind, these shoes will definitely make you stand out on the court. In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at the Kyrie Flytrap's sizing, width, traction, cushioning, and more to ultimately help you make an informed decision on whether this shoe is right for your basketball journey. Let's dive in!

The Tip Off

The Nike Kyrie Flytrap is perfect for speedy and agile guards who constantly create havoc on the court with dynamic moves, lightning-quick while staying comfortable during those intense game moments. With features focused on traction, support, and fit, these shoes will certainly enhance your overall performance and style.


Picking the right size is essential in ensuring a comfortable and effective basketball shoe fit. The Nike Kyrie Flytrap runs true to size, but it is always advised to go for a half size up if you have wide feet. Trying on the shoes in-store and examining how your toes and heels fit within the shoe can help ensure an ideal fit, allowing you to worry less about discomfort and focus more on your gameplay.


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap is built with a medium width in mind. However, the shoe's design includes a snug and secure fit which might feel tight on those with wider feet. In such cases, it's advisable to go for a half size up to get that perfect fit. If possible, trying out the shoes in-store will help you gauge the right width that works best for your unique foot shape.


The Kyrie Flytrap's traction is one of its standout features. With an aggressive herringbone pattern that covers the entire outsole, these shoes provide exceptional grip on the court, enabling you to make quick stops and explosive moves with utmost confidence. Moreover, the unique design also performs well on both indoor and outdoor courts, making the Kyrie Flytrap a versatile choice for basketball players.


The cushioning system in the Nike Kyrie Flytrap is a simple yet effective foam-based setup in the midsole. This setup offers responsive cushioning without sacrificing court feel for those quick, agile moves. While not as plush as other models with more advanced cushioning technologies, the Kyrie Flytrap's cushioning system still provides ample comfort and impact protection, especially catering to guard playstyles.


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap features a combination of mesh and synthetic materials in the upper, which work together to provide a lightweight, breathable, and supportive feel. The materials also contribute to the shoe's impressive overall durability, allowing you to keep playing without worrying about wear and tear. With quality and style, the Kyrie Flytrap is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for basketball players.


In terms of support, the Kyrie Flytrap does not disappoint. The shoe's mid-top design offers excellent ankle support while the internal heel counter and external TPU shank work together to help stabilize your feet during aggressive moves on the court. With a secure and locked-in fit, these shoes will undoubtedly give you the confidence to take on the toughest opponents.


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap features a traditional lacing system, which allows you to customize the fit for a more personal feel. The shoe's snug design holds your feet in place, preventing unnecessary foot movement inside the shoe, which could lead to discomfort or injury. Overall, the shoe's fit is secure, comfortable, and responsive to your every move.

Outdoor Performance

Thanks to its durable materials and impressive traction, the Nike Kyrie Flytrap performs exceptionally well on outdoor courts as well. The aggressive outsole pattern really shines on outdoor surfaces, giving you the same confidence and grip as you would have indoors. While the cushioning system might feel slightly firmer on outdoor courts, the overall performance and comfort of the shoe remain uncompromised.

To sum up, the Nike Kyrie Flytrap is an outstanding basketball shoe, tailor-made for speedy, agile guards seeking top-notch traction, support, and performance without breaking the bank. Although catering primarily to guards, the shoe offers versatile features beneficial to players of all positions and styles. So, go ahead, lace up these fantastic kicks, and experience the difference yourself! Don't forget to hit that share button and explore more great content and reviews on Triple Threat Tactics!