Discover the ins and outs of the Nike Kyrie 3 basketball shoe in this comprehensive review. Triple Threat Tactics dives into each aspect of this popular footwear option to inform players and coaches about its performance, design, and features. Join us as we break down the Nike Kyrie 3 and help you determine if this is the right shoe for you.

The Tip Off

The Nike Kyrie 3 is perfect for guards and slashing players who value responsiveness, traction, and court feel. Its unique traction pattern and Zoom Air cushioning provides quick cuts and explosive first steps. Read on to discover the specifics of sizing, materials, and performance in this basketball shoe review.


The Nike Kyrie 3 runs true to size for most individuals, however, it is essential to take into consideration your foot width. For wide-footed players, going up half a size may provide a more comfortable fit. With a more secure and snug fit, these shoes enable better on-court movement and control.


The Kyrie 3 comes in a standard width designed for individuals with average-width feet. However, those with wider feet may experience a tight fit, particularly around the midfoot area. This narrow construction contributes to the shoe's excellent support and lockdown, but be sure to test the fit with your preferred socks to ensure comfort.


One of the standout features of the Nike Kyrie 3 is its aggressive herringbone traction pattern. This unique design offers exceptional grip and control on both clean and dusty courts, allowing for explosive cuts and changes in direction. Players will appreciate the multidirectional coverage and flexible grooves, providing responsive court feel and great overall traction.


The Kyrie 3 is equipped with a Zoom Air unit in the heel, which provides responsive and lightweight cushioning. While the shoe may not offer a plush, cushiony feel, it does prioritize court feel and responsiveness, allowing athletes to maintain stability and control during gameplay. The Phylon midsole adds a level of firmness for those who prioritize stability.


Constructed from a flexible yet supportive mesh upper, the Nike Kyrie 3 provides a lightweight and breathable feel. The shoe also incorporates Hyperfuse overlays in high-wear areas for added durability and support. Overall, the materials combine to create a comfortable and well-rounded performance shoe for athletes seeking a lightweight and durable option.


Support is another strong selling point of the Kyrie 3, with a combination of excellent lockdown, a snug fit, and rigid materials providing firm yet flexible support. The shoe's midfoot strap, padded collar, and internal heel counter work together to enhance stability and support, allowing for powerful cuts and quick direction changes.


A standout feature of the Nike Kyrie 3 is its adaptive fit. The shoe's Flywire technology provides a secure fit that adapts to various foot shapes and sizes. The one-to-one fit ensures optimal lockdown and control during gameplay, helping athletes achieve the best possible performance on the court.

Outdoor Performance

While primarily designed for indoor play, the Nike Kyrie 3 can also deliver solid outdoor performance. The shoe's aggressive traction pattern and durable materials make it a viable option for outdoor gameplay. However, it is important to note that continual use on abrasive outdoor surfaces may lead to quicker wear on the outsole and overall durability.

We hope this in-depth review of the Nike Kyrie 3 has given you valuable insights to determine if it’s the right shoe for your playing style. Remember to consider fit, traction, and support when making your decision. If you've found this review helpful, don't hesitate to share it with your fellow athletes, and be sure to explore the other shoe reviews and guides provided by Triple Threat Tactics to enhance your basketball experience.