Welcome to the Triple Threat Tactics blog, your go-to source for all things basketball! Today, we are diving into a detailed review of the Jordan Ultra Fly 2, a versatile basketball shoe that's taking the court by storm. No matter your age, skill level, or preferred style of play, we've got you covered with this in-depth look at everything from sizing to outdoor performance. So lace up and let's get started!

The Tip Off

Perfect for the agile guard who prides themselves on their quick movements and precision play, the Jordan Ultra Fly 2 offers excellent responsiveness and support. With its unique design and advanced performance features, this shoe will help you stay on top of your game.


Finding the right size is crucial for maximum comfort and performance on the court. The Jordan Ultra Fly 2 runs true to size, giving you a secure and comfortable fit. However, if you have wider feet or prefer a little extra wiggle room, consider going up half a size. Always consult the manufacturer's sizing guide and try on multiple sizes to determine the best fit for your unique foot shape and size.


This basketball shoe has a standard width, but the snug fit means it may feel slightly narrow for some players, particularly if you have wider feet. To ensure optimal comfort, it's a good idea to try on the shoe before purchasing. The FlyKnit upper provides a flexible and breathable fit that should accommodate most feet, but again, it is important to test out the shoe first to ensure it's the right fit for you.


The Jordan Ultra Fly 2 features a herringbone traction pattern with strategically placed nodes, ensuring excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor courts. This versatile traction keeps you moving smoothly and confidently on the court, allowing for quick changes in direction without fear. However, these shoes do tend to pick up dust easily, so you'll want to get in the habit of wiping your soles regularly if you frequently play on dusty courts.


The cushioning system in the Jordan Ultra Fly 2 utilizes a combination of a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and Phylon foam in the midsole. This provides a responsive, explosive feel that any guard will appreciate. The cushion isn't the softest, but it offers excellent impact protection while maintaining a low-to-the-ground feel for better court sensing and quick reactions.


This shoe features a FlyKnit upper with an integrated webbing system that offers impressive support. The FlyKnit material is lightweight, breathable, and provides a sock-like fit that wraps around the foot for ultimate comfort. The seamless design also eliminates pressure points and decreases the likelihood of irritation or chafing.


Structural support in the Jordan Ultra Fly 2 comes primarily from the heel counter and the webbing system within the shoe. The heel counter provides good lockdown to prevent heel slippage, keeping the foot secure on the court. The webbing system integrated into the shoe's material connects to the laces for customizability, allowing you to tighten or loosen the shoe according to your personal comfort preferences without sacrificing support.


These shoes have a snug, sock-like fit thanks to the FlyKnit upper. The ankle collar features extra padding for added comfort and support, providing a secure feel without being too restrictive. Again, the fit may feel slightly narrow for some players, so be sure to try on the shoe before purchasing to ensure your feet have enough space to be comfortable while still providing stability.

Outdoor Performance

The Jordan Ultra Fly 2 is a great performer on both indoor and outdoor courts, thanks to its durable rubber outsole and versatile traction pattern. However, if you mostly play outdoors, the shoes might be prone to wear and tear faster on the harsh surfaces. Make sure to wipe your soles regularly for optimal traction, and rotate with other shoes to extend the lifespan of the Ultra Fly 2.

The Jordan Ultra Fly 2 boasts a cutting-edge design and impressive performance features that make it an excellent choice for dynamic, fast-paced players. With proper sizing and a versatile traction pattern that performs on various surfaces, you'll be ready to dominate the court in this high-quality basketball shoe. If this review has got you itching for more information on everything basketball, feel free to share this article with fellow basketball enthusiasts and explore the rest of the content on Triple Threat Tactics!