Are you a professional basketball player who always needs to have the best shoe gear in the game? We know how important it is for your performance, and we're here to help! In this article, we will be reviewing the Jordan CP3 12, the latest addition to Chris Paul's signature line from Jordan Brand. Get ready to discover if this shoe is exactly what you need for achieving success on the court.

The Tip Off

If you are a dynamic and quick guard who needs a shoe that offers exceptional performance and support while still having a lightweight construction, look no further than the Jordan CP3 12. With its unique design and advanced features, this shoe is perfect for players who are serious about their game and want to make a statement on the court.


The Jordan CP3 12 is known for having a true-to-size fit, which means that it closely follows your normal shoe size. However, it is always recommended to try the shoe in a store before you purchase to ensure the correct fit. Keep in mind that everyone's feet are different, so the sizing might vary based on the individual's foot shape and the type of socks worn during play.


In terms of width, the Jordan CP3 12 can accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes. The shoe has a slightly wider construction at the forefoot, creating a comfortable fit for those with wider or flat feet. However, despite its slightly wider design, the CP3 12 still provides a secure and snug fit, making it suitable for players with narrow feet as well.


The traction on the Jordan CP3 12 is simply outstanding. The shoe features a herringbone traction pattern on the outsole, which provides excellent grip on various court surfaces. This ensures that you have the necessary support for quick stops, cuts, and rapid movements during your game. The rubber compound is also durable, making it suitable for outdoor play.


One of the key highlights of the Jordan CP3 12 is its cushioning system. It features a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit, which provides a responsive feel and impact protection during your gameplay. This cushion setup not only enhances your performance on the court but also provides the necessary comfort for extended playtime.


The materials used for the Jordan CP3 12 offer a combination of performance and durability. The upper part of the shoe is made from a lightweight textile material, which enhances breathability and maintains a comfortable fit. Additionally, you will also find synthetic overlays on high-abrasion areas, providing increased support and durability.


When it comes to support, the Jordan CP3 12 does not disappoint. The shoe features an internal heel counter to provide extra lockdown and support to the player. The unique lacing system also adds to the overall support level, allowing for a customized fit that adapts to the player's foot.


The Jordan CP3 12 has been praised for its snug and comfortable fit. The shoe conforms well to the shape of the foot, providing a secure and locked-in feel during play. The padded collar and tongue add to the overall comfort level of the shoe, ensuring you can focus on your game without worrying about your feet.

Outdoor Performance

Although the Jordan CP3 12 was primarily designed for indoor play, its durable construction and excellent traction make it suitable for outdoor games as well. However, it is important to note that the shoe's cushioning and traction might wear out faster outdoors compared to indoor courts. Nonetheless, the CP3 12 remains an excellent option for players who are looking for a versatile shoe that can handle both indoor and outdoor courts.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about the Jordan CP3 12! We hope this review has provided you with the necessary information to decide if this shoe is the perfect fit for your basketball needs. If you found this article helpful, don't forget to share it with your fellow players, and be sure to explore other basketball shoe reviews, guides, and tips on Triple Threat Tactics. May the best player win!