Are you a 7th-grade middle school girls basketball coach or a player looking to take your offensive game to the next level? You've come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the fundamentals of girls basketball offense in the 7th-grade middle school setting, from basic concepts to advanced techniques.

Understand Offensive Positions and Roles

Before diving into specific offensive strategies, it's essential to understand the roles and responsibilities of each player on the court.

  • Point Guard: The primary ball handler and playmaker. Point guards should have excellent dribbling skills, vision, and court awareness to create scoring opportunities for their teammates and themselves.
  • Shooting Guard: Usually the team's best outside shooter, the shooting guard should be able to stretch the defense and score from long range.
  • Small Forward: A versatile player who can score from both inside and outside, rebound, and defend multiple positions.Contributes offensively by making smart cuts and finding open spaces.
  • Power Forward: A strong inside presence, the power forward should be an effective rebounder and have the ability to score close to the basket.
  • Center: The team's tallest player and primary rim protector. The center should be an effective post scorer, rebounder, and shot blocker.

Master the Basic Offensive Concepts

Here are a few basic yet essential offensive concepts every 7th-grade girls basketball player should know and understand.


Spacing refers to the distance between each player on the court, which should be wide enough to create open passing lanes and shooting opportunities, but not too wide that it's challenging to make a pass.

Ball Movement

Good ball movement is crucial in a successful offense. This means passing the ball quickly and efficiently around the perimeter and into the post, preventing the defense from collapsing and creating scoring opportunities.

Off the Ball Movement

Players without the ball should never stand still. Constant movement off the ball by setting screens, making cuts, and finding open spaces will create opportunities to score.

Utilize Set Plays and Offensive Systems

Having a repertoire of set plays and offensive systems will help create structure and variety in your offensive game plan. These might include:

Pick and Roll

A simple yet effective play where one player sets a screen for the ball handler, who then drives to the basket as the screener rolls (or pops) to the open space for an easy basket.

Give and Go

The ball handler passes to a teammate and immediately cuts to the basket, looking for the return pass and an open layup opportunity.

Triangle Offense

A popular offensive system that emphasizes continuous player movement, passing, and cutting, creating a multitude of scoring opportunities.

How To Play Girls Basketball Offense 7Thgrade Middle Shool Example:

Imagine a game scenario where your team is struggling to find open shots against a tight, aggressive defense. The coach decides to call a timeout and changes the play to a simple pick and roll action between the point guard and power forward. The point guard dribbles to the top of the key, and the power forward sets a screen on her defender. As the point guard drives towards the basket, the power forward rolls to the open space near the baseline. The defense collapses on the driving point guard, leaving the power forward wide open for an easy layup.

Understanding the fundamentals of girls basketball offense in the 7th-grade middle school level is crucial for success on the court. By mastering the basic concepts, learning various set plays, and constantly moving without the ball, your team will be a formidable offensive force. Don't forget to practice these skills regularly and encourage your teammates to do the same. Be sure to share this article with your fellow basketball enthusiasts and explore other guides on Triple Threat Tactics for more valuable basketball insights.