Unleash your inner Russell Westbrook with the Jordan Why Not Zero.2 basketball shoe. Designed for versatile players with an unpredictable playing style, this dynamic shoe has had its share of buzz in the hardwood scene. In this detailed review, we'll discuss everything you need to know about this stylish and functional shoe that lives up to its name and brand. Strap your seatbelt and get ready to dive into the world of Jordan Why Not Zero.2.

The Tip Off

Perfect for all-around players who like to keep their opponents guessing, the Jordan Why Not Zero.2 is a solid performer on the court, offering great support, cushioning, and traction. Read on to discover why this shoe should be on your radar, regardless of your playing position or style.


One critical aspect to consider before purchasing a shoe is sizing. The Jordan Why Not Zero.2 runs true to size for most wearers. There are some reviews suggesting that it may feel slightly long and narrow; hence, wide-footed players should consider going half a size up. It's always best to try the shoes on in-store or be ready to exchange them if the sizing isn't perfect.


As mentioned above, the Jordan Why Not Zero.2 may feel narrow for players with wide feet. The shoe's materials do offer some stretch, allowing for a more comfortable fit over time. However, it may still be a good idea for wide feet players to go half a size up to avoid any discomfort during play.


The Why Not Zero.2 comes with a multi-directional and aggressive traction pattern that grips the court exceptionally well. Microblade patterns on the outsole provide excellent traction in any direction, ensuring stability during quick changes in direction or sudden stops. However, this pattern has the potential to attract dust. Regular court-side wiping may be necessary for dusty courts, but overall, the traction on these shoes is impressive.


Equipped with a full-length Zoom Air cushioning unit, the Jordan Why Not Zero.2 provides a smooth and bouncy ride. Players who enjoy quick, explosive movements will appreciate the responsiveness and impact protection offered by this cushioning system. Your feet will stay comfortable on the court, allowing you to focus on taking your game to new heights.


The Jordan Why Not Zero.2 possesses a combination of mesh, textile, and synthetic materials. This blend results in a durable, breathable, and supportive shoe that doesn't sacrifice comfort. Some players may find the materials slightly stiff at first, but they should break in nicely over time.


Support is a key element of the Jordan Why Not Zero.2 design. The shoe features a high collar with padding, providing excellent ankle support and stability. The sturdy midfoot strap further enhances stability, locking your foot down for a snug and secure fit. With the support and stability offered, you can push the boundaries of your game without fear of injury.


The Jordan Why Not Zero.2 boasts a snug and secure fit thanks to its lacing and strapping system. The adjustable strap ensures a personalized fit, while the lacing offers a customizable lockdown. Players seeking good support and a locked-in feel will appreciate the careful design of this shoe's fit and closure options.

Outdoor Performance

Though designed with indoor basketball in mind, the Jordan Why Not Zero.2 still performs exceptionally well outdoors. Due to its sturdy and durable materials, the shoe is capable of withstanding the harsher demands of outdoor basketball courts. However, it's worth noting that the traction pattern may wear down more quickly on outdoor surfaces.

Now that you've learned the ins and outs of the Jordan Why Not Zero.2, why not give them a spin on the court? Don't forget to share your thoughts with fellow ballers, and explore more guides on Triple Threat Tactics to stay updated on the latest in basketball tech and reviews. Happy hooping!